research foundations 2

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Research Topic, Research Problem, and Research Question

(18 points)

Complete this worksheet to choose a nursing topic that you would want to conduct a research study in the future- important to choose a topic that you are really interested in, because it will be the basis for other assignments in the course. The focus of the research process for this assignment will be on the problem, its justification (significance), and the research question.

Format: Write your responses underneath each criterion, rather than a formal paper with APA headings, within a one double spaced page limit (cover and reference pages not counted)

1. Identify your research topic in one or two sentences (3 points)

2. Discuss the problem that explains the background situation and justify its significance as to why it is important to research and how it could contribute to the profession of nursing. Cite scholarly source/s to document importance (6 points)

3. Develop your research question (6 points)

The format of the quantitative research question should represent an explanatory or a correlation design that includes the measurable variables and who or what will comprise the population. If you chose an explanatory (cause and effect) design, identify in parentheses the independent and dependent variables. If you chose a correlation (relationship) design, identify the predictor and criterion variables in parentheses.

4. Correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, APA format, and page limit (3)

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