critically describe and explain an urban design project and the approach taken by its designer s in the period covered by the course how does the project relate to the culture in which it was created

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• 8-10 pages, 11 or 12 point type, 1.5 spacing, MS Word-readable, plus illustrations and


• This paper is testing research and writing skills, including factual accuracy, spelling,

grammar, and argumentation.

• Reference your paper: cite where your information has come from using in-text

references or endnotes. Use proper footnote form. If you are in doubt about the conventions of

scholarly writing, see guides like the Chicago Manual of Style (available as a book or on-line at search.html; try running “Chicago Manual of Style”

through Google) or the MLA guide (see

• Include captions saying what the illustrations are of—name of the designer and/or

client (if known), the name of the building, its date, with one sentence explaining how each

illustration supports your fndings.

▪ Avoid subtitles—a short paper like this doesn’t need them.

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