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1) The models of disability are the social model, individual model and the medical model. The individual model states that the difficulties some experience are a direct result of their individual physical, sensory, or intellectual impairments. (William A. Darity, 2008). The medical model is regarded as a portion of the disease process of the individual, something that resides in the individual with the disability. The social model of disability “barriers approach” where a disability is viewed based on the environmental and structural barriers that can impact their lives and hinder their them in some areas of daily living.

After reading our content this week I decided to choose the individual model of disability and medical model of disability. These models mostly fit my conception of disability, because I live with two individuals who have different disabilities. My husband who is diagnosed with PTSD is truly a contrast of my son who is Autistic, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder and Global Developmentally Delayed. The symptoms of both of their disabilities change with the individual and I treat them in handling any of their “meltdowns or episodes” according to needs at the given time along with medical advice to help them during their time of need or direction. I agree and firmly believe that this ties into application schools and community. The school systems should always provide a fair and just environment for children and adults to thrive in and feel equal and safe as any of their peers.

2) The Models of Disability: The concept of disability can be analyzed from the different perspectives. For instance, the individual model holds that challenges disabled people experience derive from their physical, sensory, or intellectual impairments. The medical model implies that disability is a part of a disease process. When it comes to the social model, one can witness that it views disability as a condition that produces a vast array of environmental, structural, and attitudinal barriers a person tends to face. The approach that best reflects my conception of disability is a social model because it analyzes not only the internal difficulties experienced by the individuals but also the external obstacles they have to overcome every day as they try to perform their basic functions, develop, and socialize. I am convinced that the given model can also serve as the real underpinning for the interpretation of disability within the framework of community settings, workplace, and school environments. Disabled individuals should be seen as the citizens who have certain conditions that make their lives much more difficult, and therefore, their special needs have to be identified and addressed accordingly. In this case, disability must be qualified as a factor that needs to be integrated into policymaking.

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