research paper assignment 2 1

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Students are required to find relevant sociological material on their chosen research topic. Please look at some of the current issues of peer-reviewed sociology journals relevant to your individual research topic. Each student is required to submit a comprehensive annotated bibliography of 4-6 items from peer-reviewed sociology journals. More details on how to write an annotated bibliography will be provided later. A good place to start is with the journal, Sociology of Religion. ASA format, please!

Step 1
Identify the broad research area

Step 2
Find academic literature on the research area.
Look at some recent issues of Sociology journals.
Yes you can also find relevant material in other peer reviewed academic
journals provided they have sociological relevance
So if your research area is Religion, Immigration and the Elderly you
can look for literature on religion and the elderly in journals like
The Gerontologist, Journal of Aging Studies and so on

Step 3
Start building your reading list

Step 4
Now search for literature on your specific topic
To use the example of the elderly, your specific topic could be The role
of Elders in the preservation of Religion
Add these items to your reading list

Step 5
Once you have accomplished 1-4 you are ready to do Assignment 2

Let me briefly add a few comments.
In writing your annotated bibliography remember the following
1. What was the research question?
2. What was the study about?
3. How was the data collected?
4. What were the main findings ?

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