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  1. Andrew

In order to discuss how Christian health administrators can use biblical concepts of stewardship to produce quality outcomes, we must evaluate what stewardship is based on a biblical Definition. First my definition of stewardship is to manage or take care of a Good or location.The Bible present stewardship as an obligation of God’s people in regards to taking care of the land. Psalms 24 informs us “The earth is the Lords, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it”. We are to have good stewardship over our land and property as well as our brothers and sisters.As they have the ministry that you are gifted with many responsibilities. Supervising a managing a hospital organization as well as the staff involved. Leadership can become very overwhelming and being faced with decisions that can ultimately affect a persons life can be nerve-racking. As a Christian and health administrator supporting Christian stewardship which refers to the responsibility of gods people we must make wise decisions and have positive interactions. God want us to work together in industry, health, and even entertainment functions. As the Bible mentioned before whatever we are doing we must do it as if we are pleasing God. In the book of Revelation 22 the Bible reveals a angelic statement “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and last, the beginning and the end”. This statement relates to Stewartship By revealing the presence of God throughout of time and our obligations to always support his people and his land. A Christian health administrator is able to support God’s people medically. As a health administrator that has faith in Christ, we must always ask for his guidance his wisdom and most definitely his patients when handling crisis of patient care and organizational crisis.

2. Jasmine

All words have meanings, but the biblical concept of these words actually puts the words into perspective. The word stewardship is defined as “the office, duties, and obligations of a steward” (no author, n.d). However the biblical concept of stewardship means “utilizing and managing all resources God provides for the glory of God and the betterment of his creation” (Editorial staff, 2020). When God created each one of us, he gave us all a special gift that makes each of us unique. Therefore as health care administrators, our special gift is to be advocates and to over see things.

The way in which health care administrators can use the biblical concept of stewardship to produce quality outcomes can be done in multiple ways. One way is to treat those that you are working over with the same respect that you would want them to give you. That means not only seeing them as the people you are managing but seeing them as your team member so that you all can accomplish a common goal. The next way that that this can be accomplished is by being honest and fair. In order to receive quality work from everyone, it is important that the health care do not show favoritism and treat everyone equally and fairly. Lastly, this can be accomplished by not taking for granted the gift that God gave you and the position that he placed you in. What I mean by this is sometimes people can become to relaxed and start to perform poorly on their jobs. However, just like God granted you this opportunity, he can definitely take it away. That is why you have to be very appreciative, value what you do, and really want to help make the necessary changed needed in the health care facilities.

3. Andrew

To determine whether some health organizations are exempt from quality improvement in initiative because they provide basic care for minimum services we must understand the definition of quality and initiatives. Based on the lectures and PowerPoint we learned that quality has a dynamic definition. We learn the definition of quality is determined based on the perception of the person or organization. For example someone believe quality is defined based on the customer satisfaction others will see the total quality control or management. The definition of initiative is to start a project in hopes that it can be completed by beneficial. I feel no matter what size the organization or the amount of service is a company can provide it should take initiative to provide quality services. Healthcare is growing daily where staff members rather they are administrative or medical staff should learn about quality and how to represent the company effectively. It comes to care of people improvement or development is always necessary to ensure that people are receiving quality care. In order to improve or develop we must take initiative to analyze our performances no matter what the size of the organization. Services should be evaluated and improved rather they are providing for a small group of people or a large group of people.

4. Jasmine

Quality improvement initiatives is very important in health care facilities. A quality improvement initiative can be defined as “a set of focused activities designed to monitor, analyze, and improve the quality of processes in order to improve the health care outcomes in an organization” (Serino, 2019). However, I do feel that all health care facilities are not given equal opportunities when it comes to the quality improvement initiatives. I do agree that the type of services they provide plays a factor even though it should not. I feel that because they provide basic, minimal services that this should be all the more reasons why they should be included in the quality improvement initiatives.

This problem is seen a lot in smaller towns especially in the Mississippi Delta. There are a lot of small health care facilities in the Mississippi Delta region that lacks a lot of necessary equipment to fulfill the necessary duties. For example, the hospital in my home town most of the time will transfer patients to the hospitals in Jackson such as the University of Mississippi Medical Center for treatments of serious injuries because they lack the proper equipment and tools to treat these patients.

I strongly believe that regardless of what services you provide, you should be included in the quality improvement initiative. As technology updates, so should the health care facilities because everyone should be given a fair chance at the best treatment possible. There is only so much medical personnel can do with the equipment and material that are given to them.

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