biology stats related

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I have biology quiz that is statistics related, it will only be 4 questions and its Multiple choice. we will have 20 min to complete them so 5 min for each one. I will be able to see the quiz as soon as i hit start and i will send a picture of the 4 questions here when i can access it.

I will post here sample questions similar to the actual quiz to give an idea on how they will be

1. Given the MAT and MAP for a location, which is the most likely biome?

2. Given the MAT and MAP for a location, would the dominant vegetation most likely be trees or shrubs/grass?.

3. The climate graph shown is for a location in the Northern Hemisphere (see Climate Graphs – Biomes for examples). Given the seasonal variation in the northern hemisphere, the climate graph and the overall MAP and MAT values, in which latitudinal zone would this location most likely be found? (tropical, temperate or polar)

4. Is this species description (see Plant Profiles for examples) discussing the species’ niche/fitness?

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