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1. A rectangular gate 3m x 7m lies in a vertical plane. Determine, i) the total pressure force on the gate and the center of pressure when the upper gate is at the water surface, ii) the total pressure force on the gate at an angle of 65 degrees. (7 Marks)


2. You are asked to design a rectangular channel made of unfinished concrete (n=0.017). The design slope is 0.017. For the final design the width of the channel should be 3m and the maximum discharge expected is 15.00m3/s. Determine the normal depth for this discharge. (20 Marks)

QUESTION 4 4. A 3m wide rectangular channel carries a discharge of 20 m3/s at a uniform depth of 1.7m. The Manning’s coefficient is n = 0.022. Determine (a) the channel slope, (b) the critical depth and (c) the Froude number (10 Marks)

QUESTION 5 5. A hydraulic jump occurs in a trapezoidal canal with a bottom width on 5.0m and side slops of 1.5:1 (H:V). The supercritical depth is 0.25m for a steady flow rate of 14.4m3/s. Find i) the sequent depth and ii) the energy head loss in the jump. (8 Marks)


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