read the case study attached in the file then answer the below questions 1

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I want you to talk about a Telecom Company called Awasr

Q 1. Develop One process map and one Gantt chart for the entire process described in the above mentioned case study.

Q 2. Imagine / Assume that you have visited and studied the market. Based on assumption, select a company/process of your choice and perform the following task

a) Write a paragraph on description about the company /process / scenario selected for the questionnaire.
– Alternatively you can also select one of the department and its process from the above mentioned case study and discuss elaborately about it.

b) Develop Ten questions covering all the measuring areas for the selected process.

-Alternatively you can also select departments / processes in the above mentioned case study for designing the questionnaire.

-The question must cover minimum one each from Nominal, Ordinal, Ratio, Interval and Dichotomous measurements.

-The questionnaire design must be logical, meaningful and must facilitate you to do proper data analysis.

c)Identify and clearly mention, which types of measurements is applied to each questions.

Q 3. Develop excel tables with data (based on assumptions) for each questions. Discuss/apply/demonstrate various Statistical Tests /Reliability Tests (minimum THREE), which can be applied to the questions designed in Q2(b).

More instructions and requirements attached in the table below

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