half page each for any 2 poems 200 words min each

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Select any 2 of the poems from the selection and write a half page letter to it. You should speak directly to either the poem itself, or to Natalie, as if you are writing a letter. Here are some examples of how you might begin your letter, but feel free to begin the way you wish:

Dear Natalie Diaz, as I read your poem Hand Me Down Halloween I tried to imagine…

Dear poem called Why I Hate Raisins, you made me remember…

Dear poem called Red Blues, it took me 3 readings to figure out what you were about and…

You can write a letter that relates your personal experience, or one that analyzes a poem, or one that expresses your difficulties in “understanding” a poem, etc. Your letter can be funny, but please be serious and genuine, and also be civil, as if Diaz might actually receive your letter to her or her poems. Since she is a friend of mine, she might (kidding).


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