final exam paper 4

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Write an essay on the following prompt. Length is up to you – I would imagine it difficult to do this in fewer than three double spaced pages, but I would also imagine most will not need more than five pages. Cite your references to the readings (and lectures/class sessions):How do the Catholic Theological Foci and the Philosophy of Nonviolence speak to how a person might shape or discern meaning and purpose? Does your own view of vocation (a life of meaning and purpose) resonate or not with those ideas?Use specific references to the readings – you should use at least one passage from Jesus, one from Gandhi, one from King, one from Yoder’s book (does not have to be Yoder’s first chapter, but can be), and one other resource from this class (choose from Merton’s essay “Gandhi and the One-Eyed Giant,” either of the podcasts, or any of the synchronous class sessions).

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