literature writing 15

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choose two of the following questions to answer (at least 200 words per answer).

The page numbers here reference the edition published by Vintage that the Duckstore sold for our class. If you have a different version, you might have slightly different page numbers.

1) What kinds of narrators do we have in this novel? Whose experiences do we hear – either in dialogue, consciousness representation, or through the narrators’ voice?

2) What is the meaning of the first two pages of the novel – what happens with form in the description of the family and house? Why are parts of the beginning repeated throughout the rest of the book (e.g. p. 33 & 38 & 81 &110)? How does the cut out part in the beginning of later chapters relate to the rest of each chapter?

3) In the chapter that describes Pecola’s mother, why are some parts of the narrative in italics? What do those parts tell us, why are they separated from the rest of the narration with italics? (110-131)

4) The chapter on Pecola encountering Junior and his cat starts and ends with a description of “they” / “them.” Who are these two groups of people referred to as “they”? What happens in between the beginning and end of the chapter – how do the beginning and end of “them” frame the rest of the story? (81-93)

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