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Title: ‘Designing Digital Experiences, what does it mean for fashion brands, designers and the future of communication?

“Beginning on April 1, WWD China’s digital fashion week, which is in fact a six-week summit, will feature talks and panels from leading fashion industry experts and environmental scientists. It will also feature a collection of presentations from sustainable designers and will be live streamed worldwide to viewers who will mainly be confined to their homes. Focusing on topics such as zero-waste design and ethical supply chains, the event will emphasise how important it is to act and produce sustainably, particularly during times of global crisis. The news comes as the previously cancelled Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo (March 16-26) announced it will go ahead as a digital-only live-streamed event” (Stylus, 2020). CASE STUDY GUIDELINES/REQUIREMENTS Learning Outcomes: LO1. Compose critical analysis to solve problems in practical and professional contexts for continuing professional development. LO2. Consider and analyse a company / organisation appropriate to the subject specialism.

Part 1: Case Study Analysis (3,500 words), 70% of the overall unit grade (LO1, LO2)

The case study is to focus on a specific area of communication around staging digital experiences to engage with customers and create value. You are required to give examples of how brands or “fashion weeks” have utilised digital experiences in their communication strategies and provide examples of success or failure. The case study must evidence in depth research, including primary research (if possible), analysis of that research, insights and recommendations formulated through the case study research.

Case Study (Indicative Content)

1. Evaluate the factors that led to the growth of the experience economy in the fashion industry, mainly the digital experience.

2. Assess the potential benefits and added value from embedding digital experience strategies, and the role it plays in shaping the future of communication.

3. Identify the main challenges facing fashion brands in endorsing digital experience strategies, now and in the future.

4. Formulate a view on how fashion brands should communicate in times of crisis and utilise the use of digital experiences to engage with customers and other stakeholders.


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