accounting final exam 10

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Exam 4

  • Exam 4 will be available from 6pm to 9pm Tuesday, May 5th. There are two exam 4 portions. You can find these exam by clicking on “Assignments” in the left menu.
  • One exam portion is worth 150 points. It has 25 multiple choice questions. You must complete this exam portion within 70 minutes and in one sitting. If you want to be able to change and/or come back to a question, click “SAVE FOR LATER” for each question, NOT “SUBMIT ANSWER”. Only click “SUBMIT ANSWER” when you’ve decided on your final answer for each question. Once you have clicked “SUBMIT ANSWER” for a question, the system will not allow you to change it because it is a single-attempt exam.
  • The other exam portion is worth 50 points. You will be asked to prepare a full statement of cash flow based on given information. The time limit is 30 minutes.
  • It’s your choice to choose which exam portion to start first, but once you open that exam you will have to complete it before working on the other.
  • You will not see your grade show up for the exam until AFTER the due date (it may show up as a 0 in Canvas until the due date has passed).

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