final reflections 3

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  1. Initial perception and final thoughts about the course. (Did anything change?….was it as bad or as good or as anything as you would have expected.)
  2. Course material. (Evaluate the content of the class, what if anything would you like for me to cover-that I did not, spend more time on, or any of the chapters we covered that you think I should not cover)
  3. Quizzes, discussions, assignments, tests. (Hard, easy, acceptable, unreasonable, etc. Feel free to evaluate and offer your suggestions)
  4. Lecture and SI (if you attended). ( Were the lectures helpful?….was the SI helpful?
  5. Supporting materials. (Online Book, study guides in Canvas Files, Powerpoints, Videos….helpful?) (also, was I helpful?)
  6. Instructor and SI Leader. (Yes, this is your chance to be honest and evaluate….fear not because I will not hold it against you, I give you my word-and my word is gold. Be honest and constructive.)
  7. Your biggest challenge. (Evaluate yourself…take personal inventory and include even COVID 19 if you must….just be honest with yourself.)
  8. Was the Playbook helpful????? (tell me which one element resonated with you or not….you don’t have to:)
  9. THIS YOU MUST COVER: What is the one thing you will remember from this class? (or more than one)

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