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The Technology Briefing has two deliverables: (1) a written briefing on a current/emerging technology that may impact organizations now or in the near future and (2) a short technology briefing video presentation based on what you wrote.

Select one of the topics below, then conduct research on the topic online, using library databases, articles, blogs, co-workers/interviews, etc.

  1. The written report should only be approximately about 2-3 pages in length. A lengthy report (more than 3 pages) will result in the loss of points.
  2. The video presentation on the topic may be a recorded presentation and should not exceed approximately 5 minutes in length. The video file (.mp4) can be submitted to the dropbox or uploaded to Youtube, etc.

Try to make the briefing something that may be useful to other students in the class. Preferably something fun, entertaining, that will teach others something specific about the topic. Please note that the topics below may have significant overlap with one another. Some are different takes/terms related to the same topic.

Video Resources

You may use other tools that you have readily available.


  • Big Data / Big Data Analytics/ Business Intelligence/Data Mining/ Data Visualization / Dashboards,
  • Real-time data analytics/ In-Memory Computing
  • Blockchain Role in Supply Chain Management
  • Blockchain in Accounting/Auditing
  • The Internet of Things (iot) Platforms
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Cloud Computing / X as a Service (Software, Platform, Infrastructure) / Data Centers / Storage

A few websites, articles, and reports to help get you started exploring the trends:

Deloitte. Tech Trends 2018.

Gartner. Hype Cycle 2018:

Forbes. Top Tech Trends In 2019: 11 Experts Detail What You Need To Watch:

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