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A narrative paragraph or essay is an account of an incident or series of incidents that make up a complete and significant action.

A narrative paragraph has 5 parts

  • Situation – the background for the action.
  • Conflict – some type of friction, such as a problem with the surroundings, with another person or entity, or within yourself. The conflict, which is at the heart of each narrative, produces struggle.
  • Struggle – which need not be physical, is the manner in which you deal with the conflict. Struggle adds action or engagement and advances the plot.
  • Outcome – result of the struggle.
  • Meaning – the significance of the story—simple or philosophical – can be stated or implied.

Since you are conveying a personal experience, the point of view will be first person.

Ex: My early years were spent in the woods of Michigan. I was raised by a wolf pack on the Upper Peninsula. When I turned twelve, the pack moved to Canada, leaving me behind. From that moment on, I had a profound distrust of wolves.

Your narrative essay does not need to be as rigorously structured as most academic essays:

Narratives do not contain an argument.

  • No research is required, and all of the writing will come from a personal or observational aspect.
  • Narratives also require that you write from the first person point-of-view (I, me, my).
  • The language and terminology you use will be descriptive rather than coldly analytical or argument driven.
  • Your thesis is simply an identification of the setting or situation you will be writing about.
  • Be careful not to go overboard with the descriptive language.
  • Read the assignment instructions carefully for your organizational plan and other details pertaining to the assignment.

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