compound relational operators weekly tax withholding

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NOTE: This is a Java application and we use the Eclipse IDE.

Create a program that will calculate the weekly average tax withholding for a customer, given the following weekly income guidelines:

  • Income less than $500: tax rate 10%
  • Incomes greater than/equal to $500 and less than %1500: tax rate 15%
  • Incomes greater than/equal to $1500 and less than $2500: tax rate 20%
  • Incomes greater than/equal to $2500: tax rate 30%

Assignment Deliverable Instructions

  1. Submit only your source code, successful compile, and final output.
  2. Include the course, the program number, your name, and the date in your program header. Also include this information at the top of your Microsoft Word file. Include additional comments, as necessary, and maintain consistent indentation for good programming style, as shown and discussed in our text.
  3. Use the Windows Command Prompt command line interface or any Java IDE you choose to compile and execute your program.
  4. Submit the following deliverables in a single document in the order listed:
    1. A single Microsoft Word file containing a screen snapshot of your Java source code for (just the beginnings of the source code is OK) as it appears in your IDE (e.g., Eclipse, Net Beans, JDeveloper, etc.) or editor (e.g., a Windows command line “more” of the .java file’s first screen).
    2. A listing of your entire modified version of the Java source code for You can simply copy and paste the text from your IDE into your submission Microsoft Word document. Make sure to maintain proper code alignment by using Courier font for this item. Do not submit the original source code files!
    3. A screen snapshot showing your program’s successful compile
    4. A screen snapshot showing all of your program’s output.
  5. Additionally, submit a zip file containing all created .java files for your project separately from the Word document.

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