written assignment and discussion 14

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Hello I need help with 2 tasks below:

Taks 1: Written Assignment:

In approximately 350 words, answer the question below. Follow APA guidelines.

Question: Relative to STRIDE, which aspect (i.e. Spoofing, Tampering, Repudiation, etc) can be effectively addressed using the “wait and see” approach and yet still not expose a system to more risk.

Task 2: Discussion:

Please write at-least two paragraphs, write discussion on question below. Follow APA guidelines.

Question: Make an argument for or against custom threat mitigation approaches versus standard threat mitigation approaches.

Note: I need two separate documents for both the tasks and please mentioned References for both the task 1 and task 2. And name it as TASK1 and TASK2 for both the documents.


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