gene 402a leadership learning part 1

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(Part 1) – Experiential Learning Activity Approval Assignment

For this first part of this project, please submit your learning activity proposal to your professor for approval through an assignment manager link within Blackboard (see the syllabus for the due date). Once approved, you can begin your experiential learning activity. Remember, the final paper is dependent on this activity; therefore, be sure you complete it early enough in the semester so that you have time to reflect upon it for that final paper.

In an MS Word document in A.P.A. FORMAT, submit the following information to your professor:

1. Leadership project option (Service learning or leadership learning)

a. If service learning, submit responses to the following items to your professor:

  • What is the name of the organization?
  • Briefly describe (in a few sentences) the organization and its role in the community.
  • What is the identified problem/community need you hope to address?
  • How does your service learning experience relate to the learning objectives of the course?
  • What is your experience with this issue to date?

b. If leadership learning, submit responses to the following items to your professor:

  • Name of the leader
  • Company, organization, or group associated with the leader
  • The leader’s position/title in the company, organization, or group
  • The size of the group for which the leader is responsible
  • The number of years the leader has served in a leadership capacity
  • A brief description of the role and responsibilities of this leader, and how this leader relates to your discipline (major, minor, etc.)

2. This should be no more than one (1) page in length.

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