answer the following questions 153

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Note: Please use complete sentences with correct grammar and spelling.

Proper writing and clarity of thoughts are important in getting full credit.

1.Tectonic Motions(4 pts)

a.In what ways can tectonic movement alter the global climate? (2)

b.Is tectonic motion responsible for this most recent global warming?Why? (2)

2.Solar Output(5 pts)

a.How many years is the period of solar output variation? (1)

b.Why does Earth’s climate not respond much to solar output variations?(2)

c.Why is the sun not responsible for this most recent global warming? (2)

3.Earth’s Orbit Changes(10 pts)

a.What is the name of the cycles of Earth’s orbital variations called? (1)

b.List and explain in detail three main ways that Earth’s orbital path varies over time. Include a description of the average time period and

how it might affect Earth’s climate and or seasons? (9)

4.Internal Variability(10 pts)

a.What is the difference between forced climate variability and internal climate variability? (2)

Goto: and answer b-c.

b.Explain what El Niño (‘El’-‘neen’-‘yo’) Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is and why is it an example of internal climate variability? Describe in

detail the difference between El Niño and La Niña. (6)

c.How might a very strong El Nino and La Nina affect California weather patterns? Describe both (4)

d.Take some time to review the 10 misconceptions of ENSO on the webpage.

5.Greenhouse Gases

a.Explain the significance of Figure 7.6. and explain in detail why greenhouse gases is the best explanation of the reason behind the

observed global warming. (10 points)

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