i need a paper for my transportation amp distribution systems class 3

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Ok, so professor is being super confusing. He wants us to answers homework questions but not by rewriting the questions and just leading into the answers. Here is what he said:

” Most of you are doing what students normally do, and retype the HW questions before providing your input. I highly recommend you not do this! Look at the HW as “mini-term papers” and restate the question as a lead-in to your narrative response.

For example, HW1, Q1: Transportation has sometimes been described as the glue that holds global supply chains together. What is the meaning of this statement and do you agree? Why or why not?

“Restate this in your own words, but something like this: Transportation is described as the “glue” that holds supply chains together, The reasons for this are …..”

This way you have a proper narrative, term paper-style lead in to the explain the question and your feelings as to why it is, or is not, relevant. I hope you see where I’m going here — I want you to use these assignments to really sharpen your writing skills and voicing your understanding/assimilation of the material.

Use other sources and personal experiences/observations rather than just spewing forth stuff from the text. SHOW me you understand what the question is asking and how you feel about it.”

So I have attached a copy of what I submitted that he rejected and stated that it needs to be rewritten. I have also attached a copy of an example he sent out. Please take a look at it and rewrite my answers to the correct format.


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