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1. Based on: American Cinema–Chapter 5: The Star System (an attached folder: book) and “All about Eve” (Mankiewicz, 1950).
–> Respond on questions in a short paragraph (+/-)350-395 words:
How does Mankiewicz envision “the star” in his film “All about Eve”? Delve into the idea of ‘stardom’ that is examined in this film. There are several paths that can be followed for this question. Be sure provide at least one scene as an example and be specific. Do the characters of Margot and Eve remind you of any stars today? Who are your favorite stars? What draws you to them? Do you identify with him or her? Discuss the difference between the real person, the actor’s persona and the star’s persona.

2. Respond to the 2 posts attached in which you supposed to ask one question on the end of your answer ( Discussion Board 1 –> 2 posts (each answer –> +/- 200 words))
( posts in attachment. )


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