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Although one can locate any astronomical object on the celestial sphere, that does not mean that the object can be observed.  In order to determine whether an object is in the sky at a certain time, one must orient the globe so that the angle between the north point on your horizon and the north celestial pole is the same number as your geographical latitude. Note that the celestial equator always intersects the observer’s east and west points. Spin the globe and estimate how much of the sky can be observed from your locale (assuming a flat horizon).

1.  What is the maximum south declination you can see from where you are?

2.  Estimate what fraction or percentage of the entire celestial sphere is south of the declination in question 1.  This is the fraction of the sky you can never observe from your locale regardless of the time of year.

3.  Where on Earth would one locate an observatory from which to see all of the sky over an entire year?  Why?



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