please answer the 3 questions related to international business

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This week, we examined and analyzed globalization in relation to its continued importance in business. There are several drivers of this phenomenon. Advances in technology, trade liberalization, political and economic pressures, and consumer pressures and needs propel the continuation of globalization. The following are ways to evaluate and critique this concept:

  1. Give examples of two or more drivers that contribute to globalization. What are some of the benefits and challenges of these drivers?
  2. How has technology affected transportation and communication?
  3. Why is trade liberalization so difficult to achieve?

Parameters: Post a thorough and comprehensive answer to the question. Please keep in mind that:

  • Answers given to the questions should include citations and at least two peer-reviewed or other credible reference sources
  • APA guidelines should be adhered to
  • The length of posted answers should be no less than 300 words

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