essay questions perrin karen marie principles of evaluation and research for health care programs first edition

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Part 2: Essays: There will be 4 questions worth 10 points apiece. (40%). You must answer all four questions in order to be able to qualify to earn the total number of points. They will be submitted online (please see directions, below). You are limited to quoting 25 words from Perrin and/or another source for each question (per question). There will be a penalty of 5 points for each word quoted from any source in excess of 25 words. Quotes from other sources besides Perrin, Goodman, Cowen or HP2020 are not permitted (can’t be used to answer questions). There is a 5-point penalty for each quote used from another source. Essays are to be completed and turned in on online–only between 8 am and 11:59 pm. On Thursday March 5, using the link on your course menu. No essays will be accepted by email, or delivered to the Instructor in hard copy form.This includes anything that’s late!

Essay Questions:

1. Compare and contrast Perrin’s summary of “Qualitative and Quantitative Research” for Public Health.

Is one of these types of research more important to us as field researchers than the other?Or are they both equally important?Give two reasons why they are—or aren’t– equally important.

2. For an evaluation study to be successful, it must be not only valid but reliable.Explain differences between Internal and External validity. Which one is more important to public health field study work, and why? Pick three threats to Internal Validity and discuss how we could avoid these threats in our field work.

3. Robert Goodman, in his article, “Principles and Tools for Evaluating Community-Based Prevention and Health Promotion Programs” explores five different principles that are “contemporary to community evaluation” (Goodman, p. 37). Pick three of these five principles, and explain how Joel Cowen’s classic mental health study, “DeKalb County Mental Health Needs Assessment” reflects these three principles in the four kinds of assessments Cowen chooses to use in his study.

4. Compare and contrast “true experimental designs”, “quasi-experimental designs” and nonexperimental designs”.Which kind of design would be most suited to our field work in public health. Explain why (give three separate reasons).

. Perrin, Karen Marie. Principles of Evaluation and Research for Health Care Programs, First Edition. (Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett, 2015).

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