2 pages outline of preparing a new company

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Develop 2 page outline of a new company you will form

For new science-based biotech (BISP194) or materials /chemical company (CHEM194) – unless get OK otherwise

Can be descriptive, but best to provide as bullets

You may confer with colleague(s), but not if colleague(s) is/are working on the same company

Should include each of the aspects listed under ‘Business Brief Components’ beneath

Can be new idea (ask) or one of the following:

  • ‘Prophecy’ – Web platform soliciting ‘Crowd Sourcing’ opinions from informed (internal) audience to optimally support business decisions
  • ‘CDMO’ – Offers contract manufacturing services to pharmaceutical and non-pharma clients
  • ‘MyCrobe’ – Offers a gut flora assay and probiotic pills as a prophylactic against Parkinson’s Disease development
  • ‘DMK Pharma’ – Is developing a new opioid for chronic pain treatment with reduced risks of breathing cessation, dependency and diversion

Business Brief Components:

  1. One-liner
    • Company name & what the company is and does
  2. Market the company addresses
    • Target market, market size & growth/change (with source of info); value proposition
  3. Competition
  4. Technology
    • Outline what it is (or will be) & state of development
    • What needs to happen to get to the point of sales
  5. Protection
    • What hinders competitors
  6. Business Model (and, optional, Financials)
    • What you will sell & how
  7. Team
    • 5 (or so) key people (or skill/experience areas)
  8. Personal Motivation
    • Why you are (or are not) enthused to make happen

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