i need someone who can design a business card

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In the business world people often exchange business cards with new contacts, customers or suppliers. This gives them quick and easy access to basic information and contact details about your business.

A single 3.5″ by 2″ card contains all the information that the people share. After returning to the office and looking at that business card again, will the recipient truly remember the person related to the card? Will the words and images on the card help? Will the business card do its job?


Think about the questions below and how you want to layout your business card. Note: your logo should be included on the business card. You want the logo to be associated with your company and established in the minds of your customers.

  • What are the important characteristics of a tagline or description of a business or professional? What do the words in the tagline on the sample card tell you about the person/company?
  • What details make sense for the person/company? Is there an address? Would phone or e-mail information make sense?
  • What typeface best fits the person/company? How large should it be?
  • What colors belong on the business card? How do the colors relate to the other elements of the card?
  • How do the symbols on the business card relate to the text? What ideas might you keep in mind as you choose clip art?

Note: I encourage you to share ideas with others to get their feedback prior to submission.


Design an actual business card and submit it or a picture of your design. You may use free sites, Word publisher, Canva, Word or other mediums. If you choose to use a paid site such as Vista Print, you may take a screen shot and upload a copy of the design.


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