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Can you please paraphrase the paragraph below and make sure its 0 plagiarism because this instructor is so restricted and gave me 0 for the previous assignment and make sure to be 2 paragraphs for each as is bellow

Ensuring National Security

American foreign policy has changed a lot over the history of America. In the earliest days of the revolution the alliance with France was crucial to winning the war. As stated in the essay America and France signed two treaties which ultimately helped win the revolutionary war and resulted in the earliest American borders. During Washington’s presidency much still remained to be done including issues with Britain and Spain. Washington sent John Jay to negotiate with Britain and he was successful in reaching a resolution to important issues about trade. Similarly a treaty was negotiated with Spain that together with the British negotiations established America as a nation. However as the essay states the issue of slavery remained a huge threat as it could have tore the country apart. The country was founded with slavery and while the northern states began to outlaw slavery the southern states became increasingly dependent on it. It would become necessary to ease the tensions between north and south until eventually the civil war was needed to resolve the situation once and for all.

After Washington a number of important things happened in terms of foreign policy including the Louisiana Purchase. President Jefferson purchased the Louisiana territory from France which greatly expanded the size of the country. Later the country would expand again with the Mexican-American War which resulted in much of the current Western United States becoming part of the country. It should also be noted that the Monroe Doctrine played an important role in American foreign policy. Basically the Monroe Doctrine stated that America controlled the North America and South America and that European powers should stay away from meddling in that territory. All these factors were important In American foreign policy before the civil war. Eventually though the tension between north and south became too great and the civil war was fought which changed America forever.

Coming of the Civil War

The civil war was the bloodiest and one of the most important events in American history. Over 800,000 people died and the country was torn apart in ways that still echo today. The origins of the civil war go back very early in the settling of the country when slaves were brought to America to tend crops. Specifically in early colonies like Virginia growing tobacco and other “cash crops” discussed in the essay were key to the survival of the colonists. This model of using slave labor to work the fields soon spread to other colonies and became a way of life in the southern colonies. Tensions soon began to emerge between southern colonies and northern colonies so much so that one of the major hurdles to the constitution being adopted was the issue of slavery. Eventually the 3/5 compromise was created which counted slaves as 3/5 a person for the purpose of assigning congressman. The tension though between the ideals of the American Revolution and the institution of slavery could not last forever. This became more true as the country began to expand and the balance of power disrupted.

When the Louisiana purchase was made it meant huge amount of land was now part of the country and this brought with it a problem of balancing power. This is because the northern free states and the southern slave states were both concerned the other might get too much power if new states came into the country. This led to the Missouri compromise of 1820 which according to the essay let in Maine as a free state and Missouri as a slave state. Tensions remained though and much fighting took place about this balance of power. In the north the abolitionist movement continued to grow and there was a view among many northerners that slavery should be limited to the states it was in already and not allowed to spread. Other events that played an important role included the Kansas-Nebrasks Act, the Dredd Scott decision and then the election of Lincoln in 1860. Although Lincoln was not an abolitionist the south feared he wanted to outlaw slavery and soon after his election southern states began seceding from the union resulting in the civil war.


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