outside reading assignment

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In this assignment you are to access and read the e-book listed below from the FSW library.

[Log in to the library, then search for the title in the eBook Collection (EBSCO) Paste the title and the text will appear]

Title: The Next Evolution of Marketing: Connect with Your Customers by Marketing with Meaning

Author: Bob Gilbreath

Next, you are to answer the 5 questions listed below, by typing your answer, using a word processor, and then uploading it to the submission box.

If you have problems finding the book, I want you to check with someone in the library and have them explain the process to you.

Please remember that ALL written work must be completed in proper APA format. There are a number of APA resources listed on the home page of this course It is important that you become proficient in how to use APA.

1. According to the author:

A. What is “The Real Problem with Marketing”?

B. What is the equation which the author suggests in the essence of the solution?

C. In a few short words, explain what this equation means in terms of Marketing.

2. According to the author, Marketing with Meaning has 2 consistent traits. What are they?

3. Describe, in your own words, the five elements of the “Purchase Funnel”

4. What are the concepts behind each of the four steps of meaningful idea generation?

5. What are the three key areas by which to measure “Marketing With Meaning” and what are the metrics?

This paper is a Research paper, so like all other papers in this course, be sure to cite your source in APA format.


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