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Please read below student posts and reply each in 130 words.

nirupama-Data may be described as small units of factual content that may be unified into information for undergoing further process and acquiring knowledge about concept. Data may be unorganised form and it provides option to extrapolate the actual truths that are respect to sifting and organising to attain an exact inference about concept. For a business process or activities relevant to company processes data, information and knowledge are three distinct phenomena but related to each other in several ways. Result and productivity of refining process would be based upon sources and their strength at the time of collecting raw data. The capability of data refining process would persist in application of knowledge by thoughtfulness. The advancement for investigation would pave way for collecting data that is cryptic and required to be sorted out and refined into actual terminology or form that provides transparency for people or system that requires this information. This helps to evaluate facts involved and notified for practice. Arranging data into proper conceptual form provides way for applying information required to have ultimate advantage of process. Data although containing valuable and applicable facts may be only eligible for application as a process after aligning it in a sequence according to requirements by removal of repeated and meaningless contents making it suitable and easily understood by users to have complete benefits. Stringent focus on processto investigate raw data in view of acquiring information and concluding in form of knowledge the actual source of information is in wider sense. There are four different dimensions that determine quality of data those are data timeliness, completeness of data and unique nature. All these quality dimensions combine to provide proper and reliable information for gaining knowledge about any concept. Data collection, refining and exploration is always regarded as a prolonged approach. Knowledge may be regarded as conclusion out of obtained data and processed information. Knowledge has various dimensions and provide variety of conclusions depending the intellect and perceptualintelligence of explorer. Business process depending on strong data would achieve successful outcome and advancement.

mohammad-The Relationship between the Data, Information, and Knowledge

Information is the message that is made from the instances as well as happenings. It exists in the storing media in the system of the data or the mind of human as the skill. A specific book is a knowledge from the perspective of the author. Once the data are capture and deposited, then it might be processed back in the information by the gathering and the analysis (Anthony Liew, 2007).

Data, information as well as knowledge are specified by the original article that is active in the resultant artifacts; moreover, data is the storage, capture as well as analysis of the records. Information includes renovating an image of the historical arrangements, collecting the new marketplace intellect. These three aspects are misplaced in the resulting artifacts (Stenmark, 2014).

The service development lifecycle, as well as Software, specifies to the participant’s interactions among each other. In the view of these three aspects, each shareholder accepts a particular aspect of the knowledge, data, and the information and in origin and produces the specific type of the information that is targeted (Duan, et al., 2017).

Information Deficiency Problem

Staff reaction is a dearth classification that prevailing harmful impacts on the team in the integration companies. Similarly to the business disruption, some adverse effects might be predictable; however, case instances determine the uncharacteristic impact in the form of the discouragement as well as tiredness illustrated by the rejection to apply the new tasks.

Delay refers to the ignorance of the advantages of the merger organizations dut to the IS combination Delay in the apprehension of the enterprise advantages defines that there is a more extended age with the absence of the returns on the economic funds in the merger (Henningsson & Kettinger, 2016).

Solutions of the Deficiency Problem

There are many ways to overcome the deficiency problem of information in the organization. Firstly, Contemplate in advance the kind of information individuals seek; moreover, deficiency problems can be solved by identifying the vital data carriers. Secondly, do away with the paper and establish a distribution task or acknowledge the advantages of the remaining organized. Thirdly, constant review as well as update.

Jaya-Business Networking is a really valuable way to expand your knowledge, learn from the success of others, attain new clients and tell others about your business.

Positive Influence

It is normal for a person to have an effect mentally after speaking to a person or experiencing something. Just like this, the people you network with does influence what you do and who you are. So, it is always important to surround yourself with those people who are positive and uplifting instead of those who would make you feel negative. Networking is all about growth and with negativity, there isn’t any kind of growth. As a business owner, you do not want to be frustrated with your business. Instead, you want to love it more and make it thrive. Positive people would help in it.


In the business world, it is all about WHO you know and not about WHAT you know. If you want your business to thrive, you need to have enough of reliable connections and few to null enemies. With the help of the connections, anytime you need something, you can easily call them to get some help that is needed.

Raising your profile

Another great benefit of networking is getting noticed and being visible. Ensure that you keep every social event and business events so that your face becomes well-known.

You can build a reputation for yourself as a supportive, reliable and knowledgeable person by offering tips and useful information to those who need it. When you have earned enough respect amongst everyone, you will get referrals much more easily.

Identifying business best practices – Networking really is a boon to those who are entrepreneurs and are willing to learn from other enterprises on how they implemented their business models and their strategies. Networking boosts the spirits of budding entrepreneurs who are lacking the skill of increasing their market value by reaching to a wider public.

Visibility: Your business get good visibility by maintain good relationship with potential customers and business partners and peers in industry by meeting them regularly and also going for business lunch and attending other business events etc., by which it will help in increasing your profile and also it helps in remembering you and your business.

sanjay-Building a successful business enterprise takes a lot of time and drive, so it’s suitable to have a community of pals and friends to draw electricity from and preserve you going. By surrounding yourself with humans who share a comparable power and ambition, you are greater probable to go ahead as a group. The most obvious benefit of networking is to meet potential clients and/or generate referrals which you can then follow up on to hopefully add to your client base. Networking can also help you identify opportunities for partnerships, joint ventures, or new areas of expansion for your business. These are general business groups that allow many people from various overlapping professions. These groups usually meet monthly and often hold mixers where everyone mingles informally.

They may additionally maintain conferences the place visitor audio system current on essential enterprise matters or to talk about problems regarding legislation, neighborhood affairs or neighborhood commercial enterprise programs. Networking is about connecting with people, constructing and nurturing relationships, sharing information, tapping into the hidden job market, studying about profession opportunities, pooling assets and increasing your contacts. two Networking is about connecting with people, now not accumulating people. two It is simply a lifestyles ability whereby you build, nurture, and preserve great mutually-beneficial relationships over your profession and your lifetime. The networking revolution has absolutely modified how the pc is used. Today, no one would think about the use of a laptop that was once now not related to one or greater networks. The improvement of the Internet and World Wide Web, blended with Wi-Fi access, has made records handy at our fingertips.

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