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I need to do an outline for a value persuasive about why I think the dramatic TV program Money heist is the BEST tv show.

I need help finding sub-points for all of my points. I also need a third point to be able to prove that Money heist is the BEST tv program. The third point must start by saying The drama television program must…….

    • The drama television program must be about something that sparks personal interest.
    • The drama television program must have proven track records in both critiques and rating
  • The subpoint must include statistics examples and testimonial.
    • There must be a total of four in the whole speech and there must be a variety.
  • Conclusion
    • The conclusion can only be ONE sentence and can be something interesting about the tv program or and additional concluding device
  • Powerpoint:
    • Minimum of 5 slides
      • 1 slide
        • Title
      • 2nd slide
        • Personal interest
      • 3rd slide
        • Critiques and rating
      • 4th slide
        • Third point that you decide
      • 5th
        • References

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