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The prior knowledge that I had about criminology is that of why people commit themselves to actions of a given nature and how the society should respond to criminal behaviors. All I knew was that this course basically involved study of behaviors of people concerning breaking of law. I also knew that the course involved measures that can put in place to combat crime in society.

The most important new ideas I encountered were those delivered by various criminology theories. After reading various theories in this course, I was able to know that criminology goes beyond breaking of laws. That there are social and behavioral aspects that lead to criminal behaviors in society. The course made me understand that in order for one to understand the reason why people commit crime it is important that one should go beyond law content.

Even though not all the outcomes of my work in this course have been met, I feel that most outcomes especially the most important ones have been met in this course. My tutors have been able to cover more than ninety percent of the required course outcomes. I have almost every outcome requirement of the course in my fingertips and I would like to even make more improvement next semester.

I do not need any assistance in any outcome. This is because my tutors have taught keenly almost everything. They have also been giving us assignments frequently to strengthen our knowledge. The way the course was handled with a lot of care leaves I fully equipped with all required outcomes.

From various discussions and collaborations with other students, I have leant that team work I a very important aspect in academic and life success. That working together brings not only unity but also a peaceful coexistence with other colleagues. This helps one to improve his/her knowledge about the course


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