UNTX Florida Once Was Colonized by Japanese Immigrants Discussion

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Find a current magazine cover or news story about immigration that contains both text and image, and analyze the “connoted” message. What interpretations or meaning can you make from “reading” this document? How does this document connect to or depart from the history of immigration regulation in the United States? (Be sure to post the link or the image with your discussion!)

Students will a) respond to the discussion prompt with one original response and b) also respond to at least one original post from another student in a substantive manner . By substantive, I mean more than “I agree” or “that’s interesting.” I want you to elaborate: what do you agree with, and why? What specifically is interesting, and why do you think that?

Peer 1:
July 2, 2018 issue of Time Magazine: “Welcome to America.” The issue being depicted is the controversial border separation policies of the Trump Administration. I interpret the elements of this cover in the following ways: -A child alone and crying looking up at Trump – The true victim of the horrendous family separation policy. Not only is the way they are being held criminal, but the fact that they are being held ALONE and even sent to immigration court ALONE to face a towering giant of a legal system without any protection or guidance from their families. Connected to that idea is that they didn’t CHOOSE to be here, but are still being treated like criminals. Here is an article about a two year old being the youngest to ever go to immigration court, taken from her family at the border in July, and in court alone in October: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/08/us/migrant-children-family-separation-court.html (Links to an external site.)-A towering, expressionless Donald Trump – We see him seemingly blocking her path, looking down and lacking any kind of parental compassion. The message here is clear: “the buck stops here”, and there is no emotion or compassion on his end. There is no evidence of a parent, one that would try to soothe a calming child. The blank stare at a crying toddler represents a complete lack of humanity in the policy enacted at the border. Trump represents the compassionless, inhumane, giant of a system these children are being thrust into by no fault of their own. -A plain red background – Red is the commonly used as a color of anger, fear, and danger. This could be the fear on the part of the child, or the fear of people that support this policy. In the case of the child it is justified, in the case of the supporter, it reads as ridiculous to be afraid, or see danger in someone so helpless and alone. -The text; “Welcome to America” – This is the new reality facing immigrants from the south: you will be separated, treated with a lack of compassion, and your children will be taken from you. Magazine Cover:https://time.com/magazine/us/5318226/july-2nd-2018…


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