University of West Georgia Inmate Culture Discussion

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Chapter 11 focuses on inmate culture. One of the topics in this chapter are the pseudo families created in female prisons. In no less than 300 words, discuss if a program that uses these pseudo families as a support group would be effective. Should pseudo families be discouraged? Should they be supported? Respond to two other classmates’ post. 

#1 Generally, Pseudo-families are structures of communal relations created amongst worldwide, that reflect family structures in wider culture. Several of these family groups co-exist and offer care, protection and comfort among female prisoners. Transfer of contraband amongst the “members of the family” is common, as is shielding each other from bullying and coerced distribution of one’s possessions. Leaders might be found in these pseudo-family groups and frequently take on the much aggressive responsibilities of “guardians” and “husbands” while extra fostering responsibilities are assumed by the “mother” representatives. Commonly such pseudo-families found in women in prison offer resources, emotional and psychological support, a coping and surviving mechanism and ways for women prisoners to manage as survive an unusual and habitually impermanent setting. The rationality centers on the elementary statistic that everybody is a social being, to bear the feelings of disgrace, powerlessness, and withdrawal in jail. thus, these pseudo-families’ groups strive to offer some sense of normality, care, love and stability. accordingly, pseudo-families, also satisfy needs that the official institution of the jail cannot offer to female inmates. Generally, therefore, the Pseudo-families created in female prisons should it be discouraged, rather they should be support in order to provide the important support to the female prisoners. Ideally, pseudo-families groups are very crucial in female prisons worldwide as they play important role in female prison to endure the struggles and serve to their term. Again, they help the female inmates with possessions, emotional, spiritual and psychological aid, and various managing and surviving mechanisms and behaviors for women convicts to succeed and subsist an unfamiliar and customarily impermanent situation. Similarly, it helps to eradicate the feeling of loneliness, dishonor and fostering sense of normalcy within women convicts. Largely, this acts crucial tool for them to smoothly serve their jail term. Overall, pseudo-families groups gives in female inmates hope for tomorrow and after jail, thus they deserve to be supported.

#2 Chapter 11 of Corrections: An Introduction discusses what the every day life is like for inmates, with a focus on incarcerated women. There is a major difference between male dominated prisons versus female dominated prisons. Women in prison for example tend to care less about snitching compared to men in prisons. Incarcerated women also tend to form personal and emotional relationships with the other women locked up far more often then incarcerated men do. Pseudo families are extremely popular and important in female prisons. A pseudo family is a type of family organization where some inmates feel the role of parents while others fill the roles of the children. There are many positive benefits of pseudo families including having mentors within a group as well as having people to protect you. Pseudo families mirror regular families in these aspects, as well as giving individuals who are incarcerated the chance to laugh and have fun with their chosen families. This may help to pass the time quicker as well. Pseudo families were depicted on the television show Orange is the New Black. In this show viewers witness just how important these pseudo families can be for the female inmates. Though many of the examples of pseudo families depicted in Orange is the New Black are separated by race, there is still some value in allowing these groups to exist inside prison walls. My hope is that by including different ethnic groups into these different pseudo families we may be able to see even more inclusion and less racially motivated negative incidences inside prison walls. I absolutely believe the practice of pseudo families should be adopted into male facilities, but I do understand how hard it can be to change the male prison culture. It will for sure need to take some time and happen slowly.

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