University of West Georgia Ethical Principles and Guidelines Discussion

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Read through this information (taken directly from the police reports) and discuss these issues as though you were an officer assisting with this case:

“On 7/25/2010 at approximately 1845 hours I was contacted by David Evans, who advised me that his daughter, Mariela “Mari” Evans, had been missing since Thursday night, 7/22/2010. He had filed a report with Cobb Co Police, but his daughter had been seen in Carrollton since he last saw her. Davis Stated that his daughter attends the Univ of West Ga., but has been home over the break. Mari has said that she was going to Carrollton to visit a friend & pick up a book she had borrowed, but would return later that night. He has not heard from his daughter nor been able to make any contact with her since then. David believes foul play could be involved in his daughter’s absence. According to David, Mari is heavily involved in witchcraft, black magic, and demonology. He has also heard from friends that Mari has also been using illegal drugs heavily, mostly hallucinogens. After his daughter’s disappearance, David contacted AT&T, who advised him the last number called was to a Freda “Casper” Stiles on the day Mari disappeared. David contacted Freda who confirmed that Mari had indeed come to see her, but left shortly after. She thought she may be visiting a friend at the University Lofts. David described her car as a 1997 Honda Accord and provided the tag number. The vehicle was located near Mandeville Lofts, but the engine was cold and the doors were locked. The tag did was linked to Mari’s missing status through Cobb Co. The vehicle was impounded for processing due to the possibility of foul play.

“I went to the residence of Freda Stiles to speak with her in person. Freda was very willing to help and very concerned with Mari’s well-being. Freda advised she used to be involved in the satanic cults and a heavy drug user as well; this is how she became friends with Mari. Approximately two years ago at age 27, she had a heart attack due to the drug use, and had since cleaned up her life and gotten away from the cults and the drug use. She has not seen Mari since she picked up the book last Thursday.”

1. What are your first thoughts after reading this?

2. What would you do next?

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