University of Southern Mississippi Family and Individual Stress Essay

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1.Go to website  .  Take the stress test.  Record your score.

2.Next, search the internet for websites on stepfamilies/ blended families.  After reaching the internet site, read information on the site that interests you.  Below are a couple of great websites that may spark your interests.  But there are many more.

3.After finding one that interests you, do a little research to answer these questions: Answer can be in a single paragraph or two.

What was your stress score?  What are two ways you can reduce your stress?  If you are a “non-stressed” person, give me two reasons why.

Why did you choose to research this subject on stepfamilies?

List two things you have learned in reading in this site on the subject matter.

What are two things you find agreeable with your opinions at this site?

What are two things you find problematic with this site?

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