University of Phoenix Theory Based Intervention Strategies Worksheet

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The counseling theory used to conceptualize and develop the treatment plan guides the choice of evidence-based strategies and interventions. Using therapeutic interventions in the counseling session takes practice.

Your role-play sessions this week will build from where you left off in Week 3 with your client. This week, you will begin integrating theory-based interventions in session based on your client’s goals.

Complete the Week 4 portion of Counseling Role-Play Sessions.

Plan your session using the Wk 4 – Group: Role-Play 3 – Intervention Strategy assignment discussion.

In this week’s session:

  • Conduct an evidence-based strategy, intervention, or technique with your mock client in a role-play session with your team.
  • Complete a SOAP Notes Form to document the session.
  • Complete the Intervention Strategy Analysis Worksheet to reflect on your performance.
  • Remember to record your session in a way that can be shared with your instructor.

Submit these completed forms for your assignment:

  • SOAP Notes Form, with link to a video recording of your session as Counselor
  • Intervention Strategy Analysis Worksheet

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