University of Phoenix Recovery and Relapse Prevention Plan Paper

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In order to make progress in substance addiction treatment, clients will need to recognize and manage triggers or obstacles that could impede their recovery. As a substance abuse counselor, you can provide clients with critical strategies to support their recovery. In this assignment, you apply what you’ve learned about recovery and relapse prevention approaches to create a treatment plan for a case study client.

Do the following in preparation for creating a treatment plan:

  • Review the case study video and accompanying biopsychosocial assessment that you selected for the Wk 2 – Summative Assessment: Case Study: Effects of Substance-Related Addiction.
  • Conduct research to learn more about the recovery and relapse factors related to the addictive disorder presented in the case study. Suggested topics include:
  • Criteria used in diagnosis
  • Common symptoms or characteristics exhibited by clients
  • Physical and social effects of the addiction
  • Treatment options for clients
  • Challenges or obstacles that may affect recovery and relapse prevention
  • Recovery and relapse prevention strategies
  • Watch “Treatment Plan Overview.” This video reviews treatment planning concepts.
  • Optionally, review The Complete Adult Psychotherapy Treatment Planner, 6th ed. This book provides several examples of treatment plan goals and interventions that you can incorporate in your assignment. Reminder: This book is available for purchase in the University of Phoenix Online Bookstore.
  • Review and incorporate faculty feedback from your Wk 2 – Summative Assessment: Case Study: Effects of Substance-Related Addiction.

Complete the Treatment Plan Form for your case study client. Remove ALL of the examples in the template and just submit your original work. Two target problems should be included.

Cite a minimum of 5 scholarly sources on a separate reference page.

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