University of Kentucky Social Work Child Abuse Prevention Question

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All students will develop a Prevention Plan for the safety of the Jacob’s family. Address the risk and safety factors found in the scenario and follow the general guidelines learned through SOP and PPT provided under the Readings and Supplementary Materials tab. In real life these plans are developed while meeting with the family and discussing the immediate safety needs; however, applying what you have learned to the given scenario will show your critical thinking and application skills. Try and put yourself into the shoes of the CPS worker. The interviews with the victim, sibling, NOC, and perpetrator have all been completed. As the CPS worker, you are to put the children first and ensure they are protected moving forward. Even though the perpetrator did not confess, does not mean the abuse didn’t happen, or that a CPS worker wouldn’t have enough information/evidence to file a petition in court and substantiate the abuse. What would you do next to ensure the children’s safety? You may list the tasks (Word Document) you come up with, including a solution once discussed with the family (refer to PPT). Be sure to address anything that came up within any of the interviews that were red flags of being a safety or risk factor. You can take liberty with what the solution to certain topics should/could be. Example: there could be many ways in which the family and the worker come up with how finances will be handled during the investigative process if the alleged perpetrator is to leave the home. You decide how it is handled.

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