University of Cincinnati Kehlani and The Significance Her Sexuality Essay

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In this 4-5 page, double spaced paper, you must write about the singer, Kehlani and how she advocates for LGBTQ+ and feminism. Kehlani is a female hip hop and R&B singer who has opened up about her sexuality on multiple occasions. Kehlani identifies as pansexual and has even gone in depth in describing her attractions to all different people. She is one of the first and most influential artists in the hip hop community to identify as queer and she has impacted many artists to be more open-minded and accepting of all. She recently had a baby and received a lot of backlash for being a queer pregnant woman, which she has addressed.

You must utilize at least 3 sources from class (i have attached 4: “Understanding Reproductive Justice,” “What Does The Word Woman Mean Anyway?” “Making Masculinity,” and “A Desired Past Introduction”). The instructions for the paper and the rubric are also attached. You MUST read the course materials in order to intertwine and connect them to Kehlani and the significance her sexuality.

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