University of California San Diego Self Introduction Reflection & Discussion Responses

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 3 questions:

Introduce yourself to your classmates, offering an autobiography including your name, where you are from or what state you live in now, and your education/learning experiences. Include anything of interest about yourself that you would like to share. 

What area of medicine and research are you interested in and how do you see this course contributing to it? ( intersted area in medicine is dental school and the course name is anatomy that I have this assignment for )

As you anticipate this course, what aspects of it—and medical education in general—concern you? ( anatomy )

  1. Reply Prompt: In forming each of your replies, consider your classmate’s presentation summary and what your classmate’s research involved. Did it parallel your research? If not, how did yours differ?


use this as example for the replies ( this is one of my classmate answer )Thank you for sharing about your life and the things you had endured. I was raised in a Hindu nation till I was about 9 so I can sort of relate to your experiences with voodooism. Thought we were Christians, there were many Hindus and certain sects of even Christians in India that has similar practices but from where I was, they call it manthravadam. Some of those things were seemingly scary especially to children but my parents always made sure that we understood that the power of Jesus is greater than all of those things hence as long as we have Jesus, those things cannot harm us.I am so sorry to hear about your mother and your childhood as a refuge. Most people including myself cannot even fathom what that would have been like. I have heard stories about people being set on fire and being slaughtered for their faith, but I have personally never witnessed it and I count my self fortunate in some ways. I cannot imagine what it was like for you to watch your mother be set on fire and then not being able to see her for four years.I am sorry to hear about your thyroid issues. Both, hypo/hyperthyroidism has its own set of challenges. I know in third world countries in treating hyperthyroidism, they are quick to resort to ablation than to prescribe thioamides and steroids then they prescribe levothyroxine as a lifelong treatment for hypothyroidism. Some of the people ends up with issues regarding maintaining Parathyroid hormones but that is another issue altogether. Most of us, including myself truly do take our thyroid glands for granted. In your journey to become an endocrinologist, I am certain that all that you have endured will serve you. I wish you the best of luck in your journey in medicine.

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