University of Arizona Digital Citizenship Program Questions

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Based on your exploration of CTCs, create an outline for a digital citizenship program for a specified audience that can be implemented in a setting of your choice (school, library, technology center, other organization). Identify all of the following areas in your outline:

1. Name of program

2. Area of digital citizenship addressed

3. Target audience

4. Setting (library, community center, special interest group in person or online, etc.)

5. Delivery mode (in-person, online, both)

6. Duration (one shot, ongoing over a period of time, etc.)

7. Learning goals/objectives/outcomes

8. Materials/equipment needed (include any existing resources you would incorporate as well as materials you would produce)

9. Sequence of program (in keeping with the audience, duration, and learning objectives)

10. Evaluation strategy (online survey, poll, show of hands)

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