University at Albany Week 4 Biological Bases of Conformity Discussion

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Wk 4

During this week, we are examining why most people tend to conform in most of their social interactions, while others deviate from the existing social norms. After you have read the textbook and lectures assigned for this week, please respond to the following questions:

In your everyday life, you conform to hundreds of norms, rules, and laws, often without your conscious aware that you are doing so. There are several factors that influence conformity and obedience. What are some of the biological, social, and environmental factors regarding conformity? In your opinion, what is the basis for continued compliance?

If you were a participant in the Asch Research study, do you feel you would have conformed? Why or why not?

  • To what extent do you consider yourself to be a conformist? Why is it necessary for a group to require some degree of conformity from its members?
  • Part II
  • Assignment Overview

For this assignment, you will have the opportunity to understand and explore deviant behavior. In a 2-3 page essay (12-point font) essay, respond to these questions:

Drawing upon the theories of deviance presented in the text, describe something that your parents’ generation considered to be deviant in their lifetime but is no longer considered deviant in mainstream contemporary American society, or something that is deviant in contemporary society but was not considered deviant in the past.

Using the same example, consider whether other cultures/subcultures did/would now consider the act to be deviant.

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