Unit 7 Assignment Creating Healthy Communities Worksheet

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Unit 7 Assignment: Creating Healthy Communities Worksheet

View an introduction to the Assignment here.


Using systems thinking to address a health-based social issue, analyze an organization that uses a collaboration of several organizations to generate positive social change. Examples of alliances or collaboratives addressing social change include the STOP Obesity Alliance, National Tobacco Cessation Collaborative, Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention, or other similar organization that utilizes several organizations to create behavior change. There are many state-based and community-based alliances/collaboratives that work on social issues in the community, as well.

  1. What health-based social or behavioral problem is the collaborative or alliance addressing? Give a brief overview.
  2. How do the organizations collaborate together to address the problem?
  3. Who are the stakeholders? Why is this problem important to them?
  4. How will they work together to bring solutions?
  5. What does the collaborative or alliance do to address the health problem?
  6. What other community support will be needed for the collaborative or alliance to be successful?


  • You may answer the questions in “worksheet‟ format (template in Course Documents; introduction and conclusion not required). There is a 500-word count minimum.
  • There should be a minimum of three credible references used, including sources for the organizations described in the worksheet.
  • Include a list of references in APA format.
  • Please be sure to download the file “Writing Center Resources” from Course Documents to assist you with meeting APA expectations for written assignments

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