Unit 4.1 DB: Case Study 2 Peer Responses

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1#  I agree she was doing what was best for her but at the same time I think she should have told the clients as soon as she knew that she would be taking vaction because why start a session just for your therapist to leave during the middle of something that your working on to put it on hold or to see someone else who doesn’t know much of what you were doing.

Personally I wouldn’t schedule anyone prior to me leaving and letting my clients know that I would be unavailable for a couple weeks and if they needed to see someone for an emergency that one of my collegues would be available if necessary. I don’t think that clients should have to open up to another therapist if they clique with the therapist they have because it is hard to have to try and explain something to someone who knows a little bit about you but not enough for you to feel comfortable. 

Personally when I have had that happen I have stopped seeing the therapist because I don’t like having to tell my story or history to someone new multiple times for the fact I don’t trust easily and sometimes I feel that I am being judged for my past.

How would you feel if a therapist did the same thing to you and let you know last minute that they would be out of town for several weeks? What would you do or how would you feel?

2# . “Realizing that informed consent is an ongoing process, the challenge is to provide clients with the right amount of information at this session for them to make informed choices. The types and amounts of information, the specific content of informed consent, the style of presenting information, and the timing of introducing this information must be considered within the context of state licensure requirements, work setting, agency policies, the specific population being served, and the nature of the client’s concerns (Wilcoxon, 2015).” I do not think Joy took care of her professional responsibility in this case study. Joy was supposed to inform her clients at the beginning of therapy to let them decide if they wanted to meet with a new therapist rather than springing it on them at the last minute. Understandably, Joy did not want to get burned out, but she knew about her unavailability well in advance. Secondly, I do think this was a case of client abandonment. Abandonment is leaving clients without services and assistance. The 2014 ACA Code of Ethics states, “Counselors assist in making appropriate arrangements for the continuation of treatment, when necessary, during interruptions such as vacations, illness and following termination.” Although Joy has arranged for other therapists to see her clients in case of an emergency, they are still left without services and assistance. 

Question: If your therapist did not inform you about the arrangements, how would you feel? Would you talk to another therapist or wait until your therapist returns? Explain 


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