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Please answer both of these questions in your paper.

  • At the beginning of the book, Frazier explains to his visitors how sheep are trained to stay in a limited area of lawn, confined only by a string. Explain how this works in terms of learning theory, using the terminology from the textbook. Also explain why the sheep escape later in the book and how they are once again restrained. Skinner intends this to be a metaphor for the people at Walden II and in the larger society. How might the control of the sheep be extended to apply to people?
  • The book introduces many examples of social engineering (behavioral engineering or cognitive engineering). These raise interesting questions about whether nature (genetics) or nurture (environment) is responsible for different aspects of our culture. For example, can musical or artistic genius be nurtured, can deviant behavior be eliminated by early education or re-education, can force be eliminated as a means of controlling behavior. Pick an example of social engineering from the book and discuss whether it would work in today’s world. In your response, discuss whether you think that social customs should be replaced by Frazier’s idea of “experiments”. State your reaction to what was proposed in the book and whether you feel it would be realistic outside the ideal circumstances contrived in the novel.

Paper Format

It is not necessary to use APA style. I prefer double spaced papers. 6 pages. If you quote from the text or refer to examples in the book, please give the page numbers.

Be concise, specific, and to the point. There is no need to summarize or describe what happens, except in support of your analysis.

do not include external sources, references or criticism.

The course textbook should be your only reference — do not include external sources, references or criticism. I am most interested in your thinking and how well you apply ideas from the course to the content of the book.

THE book LINK : Walden Two by B.F Skinner

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