hi please i need an essay for my final histroy

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You will write and submit an original essay (approximately 1,500-2,000 words) based on the Unit II materials, especially our lectures, assigned during weeks 8-16 of the course. Your essay is to be based on the following prompt:

Our Unit II theme was American Democracy and Its Discontents, 1919-present. With that theme in mind, write an essay, based on the materials assigned in this class, explaining the highs and lows of American history since WWI. In particular, based on the Unit II materials you have been assigned, identify and describe, using specific examples to illustrate, the three or four historical episodes/developments — whether political, economic, cultural, social, or military — that did the most to define, influence, and effect the lives of Americans during this period of U.S. history.

In order to help you prepare this second essay, check out the final essay grading rubric posted under our Week 16 module. It features the categories/descriptions I’ll use to evaluate and score this essay as well, so you’ll want to have that information in mind as you prepare the essay. Keep in mind though, that all the good qualities of a strong Discussion Post and Homework answer that I have stressed all semester long apply to your final essay – so do not forget what you have learned!

In addition, you must keep in mind the following points, and failure to follow them will result in either a reduced grade or zero grade:

  • The essay that you write must be based on the materials I have assigned you AND it must be completely your own writing/work – I am providing here a link to a plagiarism website that will remind you what NOT to do when writing an essay: 

Plagiarism: What is it and How to Recognize and Avoid It (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

You must submit your essay via our Canvas course site (beginning this Thursday), and I’ll use the VeriCite plagiarism detector to confirm that material has not been lifted from some other source. In other words, be sure that the work you submit is your own creation and not a cut-and-paste job! Any essay that is significantly plagiarized will receive a score of zero and you will not have a chance to re-do.

  • You are to base your essay entirely on our Unit II course materials, including all assigned reading and especially lecture material. You should NOT use other sources for information, both because I have no way of confirming the reliability of those sources, and because the idea here is to grade your work based on a specific set of materials that I have provided. 
Remember: your essay will receive a higher score if you demonstrate familiarity with a broad array of the materials assigned, including all materials found in our content modules, including PowerPoint and Video lecture material. Essays relying mostly on the textbook reading without integrating lecture materials will NOT score as high.
  • If you offer a direct quote in the essay, just indicate where the quoted material was found by including an identifying tag in parenthesis at the end of the sentence:

(Foner, p. 45)

(Video Lecture: Native American Landscape)

The idea here is to make a simple, clear reference to any quoted source.

  • Your essay should demonstrate both good grammar and accurate spelling, and be free of typos. It should also feature a brief introductory and concluding paragraph, and have a clear thesis. Any essay that does not will receive a lower score.

  • Your essay should be approximately 1,500-2,000 words in length, and must be submitted in a word document or PDF format with double-spaced sentences. Files of any other type will not be accepted and you will not have a chance to re-submit.
  • Include your name at the top of the first page as well as a title for your essay.

will try to attach all the materials after accepting a tutor,




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