essay must be at least 800 words but no more than 1000 words excluding citations maximum two pages

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Instructions: In 1803, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its decision in Marbury v. Madison. The immediate issue at stake in the case was whether or not President John Adams’ appointment of William Marbury as Justice of the Peace in the District of Columbia was valid. But the wider scope of the question in Marbury centered broadly on the question of the power of the Court itself, and particularly on the power of judicial review, which is the power of the courts to assess the constitutionality of actions by other governmental actors and to invalidate those actions deemed unconstitutional. Explain why Marbury v. Madison is important in the American political system. Use an example of the application of judicial review in in contemporary American politics that highlights the importance of judicial review.

– You must discuss and cite at least two (2) references from the literature (published articles or news articles from renowned sources) to support your arguments and include a works cited section.Do not cite from the textbook,

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