completing the assignment on human relations theory developed by elton mayo

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Critical Thinking Assignment – Completing the assignment on Human Relations Theory, developed by Elton Mayo

Option #2: Management Theory: Memo from the Manager

In this first module of the course you will read material on multiple management theories used in many different types of industries. Select one specific theory that you feel fits your personal management style.

In a 2-page memo to your department within a large counseling clinic, you will explain the benefits of this theory. Please address the following components:

  • Give basic background information on the theory (founder, how it was formulated, why it was formulated).
  • Explain how the selected theory will benefit productivity.
  • Detail how the theory will maintain or increase employee morale and job satisfaction.
  • Include any other benefits that would be appropriate to a department within a large counseling clinic department.

Your memo does not require use of APA in-text citations. However, please provide a reference list of any sources that you use to formulate your memo formatted in accordance with APA requirements. Total 2 page memo with references on seperate page.

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