Understanding the American Worldview, sociology homework help

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The article summary assignment requires that you read, understand, and summarize the article ‘Understanding American Worldview’ ). An article summary is not an opinion piece. Do not give your opinion.

Organization for paper:

This summary will consist of 7 paragraphs, which I have detailed for you below.  Understanding American Worldview is written by J. LaVelle Ingram, whom is not a man. Please do not refer to ‘him’ throughout your paper. It is more appropriate to refer to Ingram, or the author. 

Paper break-down by paragraph:

Paragraph 1: incorporate author name, title of article and concise description of what the article was about. Make sure to mention the 5 worldviews that you will be covering.

Paragraph 2: Introduce the first concept of American worldview, define it, give examples from the article, give examples of an immigrant worldview

Paragraph 3-6: second through fifth concepts covered the same as the first.

Paragraph 7: Conclusion. The conclusion part should include a brief overarching summary of the article and what you’ve learned from reading it. 

Note: You do not at any point want to refer to the author as ‘he’;  refer to Ingram or the author.

You do not want to talk about how the American Worldviews are the correct way to view the world. That an American would believe in the American Worldviews is obvious as they have been raised/socialized into American worldview. Also, we don’t want to place value judgments on other culture’s beliefs, or worldviews. Strive to overcome your ethnocentrism.


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